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Ryan Miller is a 13-year veteran of the Navy where he served as a Navy SEAL. During his service, he learned his shooting skills in both pistols and multiple types of rifles and carbines from the best shooting instructors in the military if not the world. He acquired these skills not only from his predeployment work ups but at advanced firearms courses like Bill Rogers Shooting School and Mid-South Institute of Self Defense Shooting. Ryan also served as an Advanced Training Instructor at the Naval Special Warfare Center where he trained newly graduated SEAL Trainees in Intermediate Level skills before they went onto their respective SEAL Teams. After leaving the Navy, he returned home to attend college before becoming a police officer. As a police officer he became SWAT qualified and attended multiple firearms classes.

After being medically retired, Ryan formed RJM Tactical because he wanted to pass on his skills and knowledge in shooting and tactics to his community. Ryan felt every firearm owner should have quality training so they can be safe and competent gun owners to either protect themselves and their families or to be able to enjoy the sport of shooting. With a passion for teaching and coaching, Ryan hopes to bring this high level of training to civilians of all skill levels and other military and law enforcement members. Ryan especially wants to work with inexperienced and new gun buyers so they can become comfortable, safe and competent shooters and keep working with military and law enforcement to give them that extra edge they may need in a gun fight.

Along with being a certified Navy High Risk Instructor and Range Safety Officer, Ryan currently holds certifications with the National Rifle Association as a Range Safety Officer and a Basic Pistol Instructor.

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